1. I spent all morning looking at my friend’s work for Portfolio Day!! I’m so proud :)

    Ok here it is!! My story portfolio. Please click on the link below to see it real big 


  2. I’m uploading my portfolio! Having some color management problems, but I’ll post the link asap! It has some film updates :)

    I kind of liked being away from CalArts on Portfolio Day. Saved me much of the stress of being there. But sent much love to my friends who were going through that very intense day! 

    Big thanks to Nak, Seth and Yon for helping me print out my portfolio and set it up!

  3. New York Paris heights

  4. some beach ladies drawn in prismacolor marker

  5. copic marker man with vest and little dog 

  6. trolls I drew. pleasure in drawing ugly things

  7. It’s been crazy and I couldn’t find time before to upload the work I put up for the gallery show before so here it is, two weeks later.

    It was a weird show because CalArts was struck with Norovirus the weekend before, so we lost a whole weekend of work, and then they almost cancel the caricature party. The Halloween party was canceled, it was pretty tragic. NONETHELESS it was a great show. I dressed up in a costume, did some drawings and, as every year, was amazed at the quality of the work of my Character Animation peeps!!!! Blown away.

    I put up life drawings, some beach babes and vampire drawings.

  8. I watched Blue is the Warmest Color on Sunday.

  9. Beach Babe.

    I’m animating another beach hottie and I’ll post it when I’m done in betweening :/

  10. vampire line up!!!!!!! vampires vampires vampires

  11. Last drawing from Thursday. The concept we were working around was Cleopatra

    in my head i just kept singing

    working at the pyramid working at the pyramid tonight

  12. I thought I was live drawing the model but I guess I was really reproducing the impression left on my brain from looking at Erich Sokol’s girls too much. Toooooo much

  13. Quick drawings from Thursday’s life drawing. 

  14. The other day at Life Drawing we did a super cool exercise in which we would draw a 3 minute pose and then move to the seat on our left, and so we would be using other people’s mediums and papers. It was fun to try new things! And also the model was in a Hawaiian costume.

    Also it was fun because I was sitting between two super talented peeps Gabe Lin and Robert Moon and it was cool to draw on the same page as them!!!

  15. Amazing experimental animator and darling friend Meejin Hong drew me while drawing her the other day.

    You can see her beautiful films here!!!